iMagic Fleet Maintenance

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Why do you need Fleet Maintenance Software?

When the vehicles used within a company exceeds a level it becomes necessary to spend more time tracking their use and performance. A fleet maintenance software tool helps you to manage the vehicles use and service maintenance. Poorer performing vehicles can be quickly identified and appropriate services made. While regular ongoing service helps to keep repairs to a minimum and fuel usage low. The software should help you to keep organized, save time on tedious tasks and will lead to a saving of resources.

How can iMagic Fleet Maintenance Help?

iMagic Fleet Maintenance has been carefully designed to help you manage the maintenance and usage of your vehicles. It helps to keep information together, records vehicle information for quick retrieval, records vehicle usage and shows both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance services in a central list.

Our fleet software is easy to use, with careful attention being giving to simple operation most people will be able to understand it quickly and start gaining the benefits in use immediately.

Why iMagic Fleet Maintenance?

iMagic Fleet Maintenance has these benefits:

It's light weight installing in less than a minute and easy to use, allowing you to manage your fleet vehicles quickly and easily.
Spend less time on tracking services and vehicle usage. Our fleet software records your vehicle usage and automatically tracks your repeated services.
It's cost effective - our fleet software will save not just time but also cost on expensive repairs that would otherwise not be needed. Tracking vehicle usage centrally also helps to identify cost savings by highlighting patterns of use.

Common Uses of iMagic Fleet Maintenance

iMagic Fleet Maintenance is used to help in tasks including:

Businesses wanting an efficient management of vehicle services and usage.
For the manager to track service completion, usage cost and keep updated on schedules.
Help the mechanic to know what work is coming up and to keep the workload realistic with unscheduled services.
In cost savings, by identifying fuel cost for expenses, keeping regular services and tracking unscheduled services.

More details for iMagic Fleet Maintenance can be found on our Feature List.