iMagic Fleet Maintenance
iMagic Fleet Maintenance
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Welcome iMagic Fleet Maintenance. The fleet management system designed to be fully flexible and easy to use. Please take a moment to browse the help below.
· What is iMagic Fleet Maintenance?
What it does and doesn't do.
· Tutorial 1 Getting Started - Setting up
Setting up the system using the Configuration Wizard.
· Tutorial 2 Adding Services for Vehicles
Schedule your first service in this step-by-step exercise.
· Tutorial 3 Viewing Vehicle Services
Using the Service List screen to view upcoming services.
· Tutorial 4 Viewing and Recording Vehicle Usage
Viewing and using your fuel and distance log.
· Tutorial 5 Reports
Monitor performance and cost.
· Exporting Vehicles, Services and Fuel Usage
How to export details and import them into MS Excel.
· Tips and Tricks - Quickly Finding a Service
Quick techniques for finding and updating services.
· Tips and Tricks - Quickly Finding Vehicles
Techniques for finding and updating vehicle details.
· Multi User Configuration
Setting up iMagic Fleet Maintenance for multiple users.
· FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions.
· Technical Support
Getting Technical Support.
· Pricing and Purchase Information
How to buy the complete version.
· License Agreement
License Agreement.