iMagic Fleet Maintenance

Software Updates for iMagic Fleet Maintenance - 2024

You can download updates by launching iMagic Fleet Maintenance and selecting from the main menu Help/Check Web for Updates.

Updates in v1.36

  • Various GUI updates for Windows 10/11, bug fixes and security updates.

    Updates in v1.32
  • Updates for Windows 10 and several bug fixes.

    Updates in v1.31
  • Updated Service Report.

    Updates in v1.30
  • Added new Overdue Service indication on Service List when displaying dates after the due date.
  • Improved startup performance.
  • Added Last Service Date to Service List.
  • Added new Pending Service report.

    Updates in v1.28
  • Changed Find Service to an inclusive search for more specific results. - Many thanks to Jolynn001 for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.27
  • Added new Reference Code field for vehicles. This allows for the entry of a lookup code that can be searched. It is also now listed on the Vehicle List. - Many thanks to John D for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.26
  • The default date when adding a recurring service now supports monthly and yearly.
  • Bug fix - Completed Service Reports wasn't always able to be printed.

    Updates in v1.25
  • Added new Vehicle Usage Fuel Import feature.
  • Updated File Exports to include double quotes in field names. This avoids an error on Excel importing.

    Updates in v1.24
  • Updated GUI on Service Details to include additional information.
  • Added new service number.

    Updates in v1.22
  • Bug fix - when selecting license renewal on Vehicle List was causing an error.
  • Increased refresh speed when editing an existing Service.

    Updates in v1.21
  • Bug fix - Vehicle List was sometimes causing a "Unable to unload within this context" error. - Many thanks to Annette S for this suggestion.
  • Added option to re-size vehicle images on the Vehicle List. - Many thanks to Annette S for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.20
  • Update for Windows 7 - Permissions update on database folder.
  • Bug fix - Configuration Wizard no longer forces the creation of a vehicle.

    Updates in v1.19
  • Added option in Help/Database to directly navigate to the Database Folder. - Many thanks to RPM L for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.18
  • Bug fix - error when recording vehicle fuel usage if the price or quantity was made blank. - Many thanks to Linda C for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.17
  • Bug fix - when license number was selected on the vehicle list was sometimes causing a crash. - Many thanks to Linda C for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.16
  • Bug fix - Export Fuel Log option was not always working. - Many thanks to Dawson P for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.15
  • If a scheduled service is set to recur on 0 distance and 0 days then it is now treated as an unscheduled service and only shown once in the Service List.

    Updates in v1.14
  • Bug fix - updating a vehicle and setting it's Odo to nothing was causing a crash. - Many thanks to Marlin B for this suggestion.
  • Service List is now updating the total counter of services displayed.
  • Bug fix - when editing an existing Service Type, the internal was not being re-selecting.
  • Bug fix - entering in 0 interval on Service Type caused a crash. - Many thanks to Jodie D for this suggestion.
  • Update to DatabaseVersion to version 3.
  • Added option to set window to full screen on start up (Configure/Settings).
  • Added new Vehicle Service Cost report to show total cost of vehicles.
  • Updated Completed Service report to show new cost details.
  • Added new Completed Service screen, listing services that have previously been scheduled and then completed.
  • Added ability to save cost of a service. - Many thanks to Jodie D for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.13
  • Bug fix - when entering Service Duration of 0 was causing a crash. - Many thanks to Jodie for this suggestion.
  • Interface update.
  • Added new system log tracking.

    Updates in v1.8
  • Maintenance update for reports on Windows. This solves the error of "out of date control" when printing the Completed Status Report.

    Updates in v1.7
  • Added new average cost for vehicles to the Vehicle Usage report. - Many thanks to Derek P for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.6
  • Added new service length option of hours. This allows the tracking of service components measured in a smaller time unit than months. - Many thanks to Bob H for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.5
  • Notes can now be included when a particular service for a given vehicle is completed. These are "compounded" in history allowing you to add to any existing notes.
  • When completing a Service (press Complete Service from Vehicle Service screen) you can now print a report which includes the detail of the service. This can be useful in keeping a paper trail for audits and compliance etc. - Many thanks to Steve V for this suggestion.
  • From the Vehicle List screen the Vehicle Picture can now be viewed. Right click on the column titles to select the Picture field.
  • Bug fix - a crash would occur when adding an unscheduled service when no vehicles had been entered into the system.
  • Bug fix - when adding an image for a vehicle it was not always saving. - Many thanks to Pamela S for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.4
  • Vehicle details now shows the last service date and Odo based on the scheduled and unscheduled services. - Many thanks to Jon W for this suggestion.
  • Updated reports for use with MS SQL Server.
  • Added option to connect to a MS SQL Server database. - Many thanks to Jason F for this suggestion.

    Updates in v1.3
  • Fixed bug on New Vehicle Usage when main usage screen isn't selected.
  • Fixed vehicle search bug when selecting only a vehicle make. - Many thanks to Crystal for this suggestion.