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iMagic Fleet Maintenance Overview

Home page of iMagic Fleet Maintenance, lists features and benefits, what it does and how. Has links to most pages.

System Hardware and Software Requirements

What the requirements are to use iMagic Fleet Maintenance, Operating System, available hard disk space, etc.

MS SQL Server Edition

iMagic Fleet Maintenance for use with MS SQL Server, purchase, pricing and requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions, the most commonly asked questions and answers. If you can't find the answer here feel free to post in our support or email us and we'd be happy to help!

Software Support

Different kinds of support available for iMagic Fleet Maintenance. Contacting us and using our public forum.

Purchase and Pricing

Pricing and purchase options, including discounts on multiple users.

Download Free Trial

Main link to our free trial version. You can use the trial for '10 uses' to get to know the system. If you're happy with it you can purchase, you'll then be emailed a keycode that when entered into the trial will convert it to the full version.

About iMagicsoft

All about the history of iMagicsoft the makers of iMagic Fleet Maintenance.

Our Customers

Some of our existing customers using iMagic Fleet Maintenance.

Site map

The sitemap page which lists all the pages on this website.

Fleet Online Manual Contents

Manual contents, has links to the different pages of the online version. You can find the installed version when you install the trial download, select Help/Contents.

Manual - What is?

Manual - covering what iMagic Fleet Maintenance does and doesn't do.

Manual - Setting Up

Manual - configuring the system and getting up to speed quickly.

Manual - Adding Services

Manual - the process of adding scheduled and unscheduled services to vehicles.

Manual - Viewing Services

Manual - viewing existing services and filtering the view.

Manual - Recording Usage

Manual - recording fuel and odometer usage.

Manual - Reports

Manual - accessing and viewing vehicle and fleet reports.

Manual - Exporting

Manual - exporting vehicle and service data to standard CSV files for use in other software.

Manual - Finding Services

Manual - tips section covering how to quickly find a service.

Manual - Finding Vehicles

Manual - tips section, quickly finding vehicle details.

Manual - Multiple Users

Manual - how to configure iMagic Fleet Maintenance with multiple users (PCs).

Manual - License

Manual - our license terms.


Piracy of our software and why it might give you more than you wanted.

What's New

What's New in the system. Includes a list of recent changes requested by our customers and any bug fixes.